New Year, New You

Fri 30 Dec 2016
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The New Year presents a great opportunity for you to focus on certain areas that you would like to improve on and make sure that the year ahead is a successful and fulfilling one.

Although New Year’s resolutions commonly focus on getting fit or taking up a new hobby, a large number of people aspire to take steps to give their career a much-needed boost.

The Institute of Export & International Trade has always made it a top priority to equip its members with the knowledge, skills, information and learning to gain and maintain a competitive advantage in international trade.

There is still time for international trade professionals and their employers to sign up for the next intake on our Foundation Degree, Bachelors Degree and Masters courses, starting in January 2017. These career-boosting qualifications equip students with the professional and academic skills to succeed in international business.

We continue to complement our range of professional qualifications with a dynamic series of training courses across 2017 – all delivered by our team of experienced, accredited and specialist trainers. Whatever your experience, the sessions offer you the skills to succeed in the world of export, import and international trade.

They include:

An Introduction to Exporting – Physical Goods

Covering all the basic aspects of exporting, this course is designed for those new to exporting and experienced business people who may need to keep up with industry updates. Live online examples are used to explain export procedures and how to complete export documentation.

An Introduction to Importing

This one-day seminar offers practical guidance to prospective and existing importers by considering the basic procedures, terminology and documentation involved in importing. The course gives an overview of the entire importing process including supplier selection, evaluation of risks, supply chain, terms of delivery, methods of payment, selection of clearing agent, duty and excise and the role of UK customs.

International Documentation & Customs Compliance

This course examines many aspects of international documentation and explains how an understanding of regulations and related compliance is essential to generating and retaining profits. It also addresses how documentation should be prepared, along with when and where it should be presented.

International Business Essentials

A two-day course designed for those with some knowledge of exporting and who have regular customer contact – particularly those in administration and commercial departments. It takes an in-depth look at export documents and procedures, international commercial issues such as being competitive overseas and the importance of cultural understanding.

Effective Incoterms®

Incoterms® comprise some of the most widely used, but most misunderstood aspects within international trade and can impact on a number of areas of a company’s operations. Our half-day session provides a comprehensive overview of the purposes, meaning and correct use of Incoterms® 2010, to avoid uncertainty, minimise delays and achieve smooth operations, transport and payment.

Post Brexit Planning Workshop

This workshop examines the immediate and longer term impact of leaving the EU on your existing exports and imports – and where to go from here to spread your risks. With about half of all British exported goods going to the EU, this is a vital learning opportunity.

Letters of Credit

Learn about reducing the risks of importing and exporting at this informative and practical session which explains the different letters of credit that ensure exporters are paid and importers’ payments are protected.

UK & US Export Controls: A Basic Understanding

Delegates gain a basic understanding of UK Export Controls and the implications of non-compliance. The course also reviews the US Export Controls and international regulations that may be imposed on UK companies.

Advanced Financing of International Trade

This course looks at how the instruments of trade and payment performance, such as letters of credit, insurance and Bonds & Guarantees, ensure prompt payment and efficient operations.

You can check all the available dates for any of these sessions on our Course calendar, where you can also book your places.

Alternatively, many companies are taking advantage of the Institute’s in-house training offer. Provided at your premises or a venue of choice and attended by your staff, these sessions are more economical, convenient and flexible.

As well as presenting any of our set training courses, we can tailor or create one on any international trade topic to suit your organisation’s exact needs.