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The place to get the latest information and guidance on critical international trade topics, Lunchtime Learning makes keeping up to date with the fast-evolving world of international trade easy, with unmissable exclusive knowledge, tips and tricks shared by our experts.

All recordings can be accessed now from our member-only Lunchtime Learning Library. Read on to find out more about the latest series and how to secure your place at these invaluable sessions.

Latest series

2024 is set to be another year of change for UK businesses, with new regulations and systems entering force against the backdrop of elections taking place in the UK, US, EU, India and beyond.

To support our members prepare and manage these changes, to succeed and thrive in international markets, IOE&IT is running a new series of Lunchtime Learning webinars.

These member-exclusive events will give practical tips and expert guidance on a range of key trade topics, including how to navigate new import rules being introduced by the UK via the Border Target Operating Model (BTOM), the upcoming deadline for exporters to use the Customs Declaration Service and ongoing updates to customs authorisations.

Season 3 episodes:

Ep 1: Import rule changes on 31 January under the UK BTOM

Businesses need to stay up-to-date with the changes that are coming in 2024 and how they will impact their business – particularly if you are moving goods that are subject to sanitary and phytosanitary (SPS) controls.

IOE&IT members can watch this one-hour webinar now to find out what changes came into force on 31 January 2024 and understand what their business needs to do to prepare, including:

1. What the BTOM changes are
2. DEFRA’s risk categories and what they mean for your business
3. Requirements on the import of products, animals, food and feed system (IPAFFS)
4. How you can stay informed, including monitoring updates to the low-, medium- and high-risk categories
5. Best practice tips for completing new documentary requirements

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Ep 2: Sustainable trade: understand key trends and regulatory changes

The need for businesses to comply with the growing number of regulations relating to carbon emissions and sustainable supply chains is becoming more imperative with every year.

In the last year alone, the EU’s carbon border adjustment mechanism (CBAM) has entered its trial phase. The UK has announced it will be implementing its own CBAM in 2027 and the EU has also introduced a range of new regulations relating to deforestation and supply chain due diligence.

During this member-only webinar, we covered:

1. The importance of environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals in the supply chain
2. The effects of compliance and non-compliance with ESG regulations
3. What the EU CBAM means for businesses
4. Reporting requirements for CBAM and ESG
5. A clear explanation of the EU’s Green Deal and its impact on businesses in the short- and long-term future

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Ep 3: The Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism and what it means for your business

The Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) is an environmental policy, rather than a customs and trade policy, but it is still something that businesses will need to be aware of.

In January 2023, the EU’s carbon border adjustment mechanism (CBAM) completed its first phase where businesses had to record and report their greenhouse gas emissions they produced when making their goods.

During this one-hour Lunchtime Learning webinar, we covered this important border mechanism, including:

1. What is a CBAM?
2. What the EU CBAM means for businesses
3. The reporting requirements under the EU's CBAM
4. The long term future of both the EU and UK CBAM

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Ep 4: Explore how UK customs is becoming more modernised

Alongside last year’s Spring Budget, the Treasury made a series of announcements relating to the modernisation of the UK’s customs processes.

On 7 December 2023, the government made a further string of announcements on its progress in delivering this ambition to streamline customs procedures to make trade easier and more accessible to UK businesses.

IOE&IT members can watch this one-hour webinar now to find out:

1. What the government set out to achieve in the Spring Budget of 2023
2. The progress that was announced in December 2023, including responses to public consultations
3. Key takeaways form the consultation on ‘The Future of Customs Declarations’ and what the government’s conclusions mean for your business
4. Updates on the modernisation of customs authorisations and other key procedures
5. Update on the introduction of voluntary standards for customs intermediaries

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Ep 5: Understand how to use the new systems and how the change may impact your customs processes

Exporters will need to be using the Customs Declaration Service (CDS) to submit export declarations by 31 March 2024, with the Customs Handling of Imports and Export Freight (CHIEF) system no longer being operational.

This is a significant change for exporters and their customs intermediaries, who need to understand how to use the new system and how the change may affect their current customs processes.

Watch back this one-hour Lunchtime Learning webinar to find out:

1. What is the timeline for using CDS
2. How you can prepare to start using CDS for exports
3. Practical advice completing key common data elements in CDS
4. How to avoid common errors and pitfalls within export declarations

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Ep 6: A critical update on the latest changes for export controls and sanctions

With governments increasingly tightening and introducing export controls and sanctions regimes due to heightening geopolitical tensions and international conflicts, it’s important for export control professionals to stay up-to-date with the latest regulatory changes and what they practically mean for your business.

Whether it’s new sanctions on Russia, changes to US controls and how they are extraterritorially applied, or changes from the Export Control Joint Unit (ECJU) to licensing requirements at home, it’s vital you have a comprehensive view of the changes that are taking place.

Watch back this one-hour Lunchtime Learning webinar about the current state of play in export controls and sanctions, as well as what changes are coming up, including:

1. Changes to ITAR and EAR regulations in the US
2. Recent updates from the ECJU on UK controls and licensing processes
3. The latest sanctions that have been introduced on Russia
4. Where you go to get the latest information
5. Best practice for compliance with controls and sanctions

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