Helping insurance brokers understand the financial issues facing exporters

Fri 28 Mar 2014
Posted by: IOE News
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Our Director General Lesley Batchelor will join keynote speakers from RWA, one of the UKs leading compliance consultancies along with accountancy and legal professionals at a senior executive master class organised by RWA and sponsored by Aviva.

Lesley will address 50 insurance brokers at the April 15 event entitled Corporate Exposures and How to Contain Them.

Lesley’s presentation: ‘Cross Border Trade: an insurance broker’s blind spot’ will examine the impact of insurance on international businesses; why it is critical for brokers to understand the financial challenges – along with the complexities facing exporters.

Robin Wood, chairman of RWA, explains: “If the insurance broking profession continues looking inwards, it will never competently respond to the insurance needs the global market presents to its clients – and it will never appeal as a profession to the young who are brought up with the world literally as their oyster.

“It is an absolute delight to see a highly influential educational body such as the IOE taking an interest in our profession and setting standards and qualifications that will help us do more business in a global market. Lesley Batchelor has driven that initiative in the banking world for the last decade and the fact that she and the IOE team value the insurance broking profession in the same vein is flattering.”

Says Lesley: “Specifically designed to support Insurance Brokers dealing directly or indirectly with clients trading internationally, the IOE’s new Certificate of International Trade for Insurance Brokers (CITIB) is a unique online training and assessment qualification presented exclusively by the Institute and RWA. It independently assesses, improves and verifies the level of international trade expertise and competence of insurance brokers.”

Fellow speakers at the event are Robin Wood, Roger Franklin and Linky Trott, partners at Edwin Coe LLP employment team and John Needham, head of the broking team at PKF Littlejohn’s financial division.

The RWA masterclasses – the brain child of Robin Wood and Roger Franklin – are held several times a year and focus on different specialities.

The forthcoming agenda will also explore issues including: ‘The FCA 1 Year On: a new dawn or the same old?, Professional Indemnity Insurance: perils and pit falls for brokers in the current market, along with discussions about restrictive covenants, assessing unrated insurers and job competence.

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