IOE launches series of Post Brexit Planning Workshops

Fri 24 Jun 2016
Posted by: IOE News
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Following the EU referendum, the Institute is holding a series of Post Brexit Planning Workshops to help you look at the possible impact on your existing exports and imports – both immediately and in the longer term – and to help you plan the next steps to take to spread your risks.

The agenda for the workshops will comprise the following:

Managing existing business

  • Communicating with existing EU clients/suppliers/partnersReassurance, commitment, informing
  • Planning for the future
  • Customs clearance, tariffs, free trade deals?
  • Impact on EU business
  • Impact on non-EU business (free trade agreements)

Looking beyond the EU

  • Looking for new markets for your business
  • Researching using the internet and visiting a new market
  • Market entry planning
  • Marketing in different cultures
  • Languages and using interpreters or translators
  • Trading Blocs, Free Trade Agreements, Customs Unions, and Free Trade Zones
    • Understanding the difference between them
    • Taking advantage of the above in new and existing markets
    • What is origin? why is it important – and how it impacts on your business

Managing future risks

  • Mitigating foreign exchange risk
    • Short term (during uncertainty)
    • Longer term
  • What credit risk insurance covers and how to use it

Is your supply chain secure?

  • Impact of Brexit on suppliers
    • Agreements with suppliers
    • Customs procedures, tariffs, duty preferences
    • Implications for transport and distribution

Priced at £260 for members and £360 for non-members.

The workshops are an opportunity for you and your team to think through what you want, where you want to go – and how to get there.

To book a place on the workshops, visit

NOTE: This workshop can also be delivered in-house at your company’s own premises. Contact us for details.

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