Championing exporting excellence through learning

Tue 11 Sept 2012
Posted by: IOE News
IOE News

With the September spotlight on the start of new terms, the IOE is continuing its drive and awareness campaign to encourage school leavers and employees to seek out alternative careers and consider our wealth of qualifications in export and international trade that will boost their prospects of employment in this vibrant sector.

As growing businesses continue to place more emphasis on the importance of international trade to open new doors and keep their sales pipelines flowing, our two-year Foundation Degree in Professional Practice of International Trade (costing just £5500 in total) provides a vocational approach to all aspects of international trading.

Supporting those with or without practical experience to conduct business efficiently and profitably, the Degree is a recognised university qualification which equips students with a wealth of knowledge on hot topics including international marketing and the practicalities of distribution, managing people, customers and markets, maximising profits and reducing risks, legal issues, and how international economic conditions affect business – as well as international agreements.

Spearheading our drive for excellence and learning is our dedicated Director of Education Kevin Shakespeare who has amassed a wealth of expertise in the operational, product and sales elements of international trade.

Playing a key role and highly regarded with the IOE, for the last five years Kevin has been an examiner for our Finance of International Trade qualification and our Fundamentals of International Business qualification. He has also contributed to our Professional Qualifications Education Board since 2008 and added value as a Board Member and Secretary of our London Branch since 2010.

Kevin’s depth and breadth of expertise is reflected in his recently launched book called Trade for Good: The Essential Guide to Business and Finance in UK and International Trade which is aimed at businesses already involved in exporting and international trade as well as those seeking to embark on the international trade route.

Explains Kevin: “Whether you are a business, an employee of a business or a student studying professional qualifications, the book enables you to draw out what is important, giving hints, tips and updates.

The book includes key details around what is important in UK and International Trade along with inspiring studies on Fairtrade, the innocent foundation and SLE. Case studies of successful businesses are provided, along with details of key intermediaries that support trade, and can help businesses to trade successfully.”