Business Membership continues to soar at the Institute of Export

Mon 11 Apr 2016
Posted by: IOE News
IOE News

Great news! Over the last 6 months, over 30 new businesses have joined the Institute as Business Members.

Being a Business Member brings a wealth of benefits which include our brilliant export export helpline covering issues as far apart as payment terms and documentation to cultural issues and marketing.  We also offer preferential rates on training or education programmes.  A full communications package providing the latest information about markets, business and compliance issues together with current thinking are available to our members. Added to this we have a specialist recruitment page for all your staffing needs.

As Business Membership starts at just £250 for a small business, we make sure the benefits of membership easily and by far outweigh the cost.

We are also proud that to show their commitment to professionalism in international trade,  our members can benefit from the IOE Business Member logo on company letterheads, emails, and websites –- this helps raise their profile as we are happy to showcase their logo on our website with a link to their business.

Among our latest members is IBT Partners, which supports the international strategy of companies across the globe. The business, which has ‘exporting in its DNA’, has been helping companies to successfully export and grow their business internationally for 15 years by building and managing authentic, localised websites for any territory in the world.

IBT Partners believe that businesses that are aiming to sell products and services abroad do so better by having an online presence in each region. This requires experience as well as economic and cultural familiarity with the area, and a company with a website that demonstrates that, with a local dot suffix and country-specific language and content, has a great advantage over those that don’t.

Director, Susanna Hardy, said: “Our vision is to provide international business and trade development through the application of online technologies and services. We are now looking to apply our expertise to increase our support for UK companies, which, when compared to their peers in, say, Germany or the US, don’t traditionally export that well.

“In the same way that the Institute of Export understands how many businesses are daunted by taking the plunge into export waters, we also highlight and explain to companies how trading internationally need not be that difficult – and how they can reap the wealth of benefits with the right support. ”

IOE Director General, Lesley Batchelor OBE, said: “It’s great to see this new type membership gaining momentum and congratulate those who have benefited so far. IBT Partners has a strong track record in helping businesses to gain competitive advantage overseas which is just what the UK needs.

“Everyone should be encouraged to join the Institute and benefit from our vast experience in trading across the world.”

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