World Customs Day series: Mike Josypenko

Wed 24 Jan 2018
Posted by: William Barns-Graham

Mike Josypenko

26 January 2018 is World Customs Day and this year the theme of the annual celebration is creating ‘A secure business environment for economic development’.

We spoke to three customs experts about what a ‘secure business environment’ looks like, what we as international traders can do to contribute to it, and the challenges we face in creating it.

Mike Josypenko, Director of Special Projects

“The World Customs Organization’s theme for the 2018 World Customs Day reflects major initiatives promoted by that organization in recent years, particularly the World Trade Organisation Trade Facilitation Agreement, which came into force twelve months ago, and also the SAFE Framework for global trade, which underpins the Authorised Economic Operator status in Europe, and parallel initiatives elsewhere.”

“These initiatives aim to make regulation of international trade more transparent and predictable, allowing businesses of all sizes and nationalities to expand and prosper, while nurturing a responsible attitude towards compliance with regulations. This approach rewards and supports businesses which demonstrate good practice and collaborate proactively with authorities, and protects legitimate business by targeting illegal trade and threats to supply chains worldwide.”

“The businesses who will be best placed to take advantage of this approach will be those who “buy in” to the objectives, by investing in knowledge and resources to optimise their international business procedures, customs and compliance regimes. Good practice has never been as important to traders of all sizes. At a time when the UK’s trading future is at a crossroads, businesses should prepare to take advantage of opportunities and minimise risks.”

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