World Customs Day: Creating a secure business environment for economic development

Wed 24 Jan 2018
Posted by: William Barns-Graham

world customs day

World Customs Day takes place this week on Friday (Jan 26th) and this year’s slogan for the annual celebration is “A secure business environment for economic development”.

Upon announcing the slogan, the World Customs Organisation Secretariat explained:

“Members of the WCO are encouraged to look at how they can create an environment for businesses that will foster their participation in cross-border trade, and, ultimately, how they can best serve the people and empower entrepreneurs.”

By “secure,” we mean an environment that is enabling, safe, fair and sustainable, all wrapped into one. Such an environment will help businesses, especially micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs), to expand their activities and create incentives for them to participate more fully in international trade, as well as encourage them to innovate, generate employment and invest in human resources, thereby boosting economic growth and raising living standards.

Importance of study is greater than ever

The Institute offers a range of qualifications and training courses that are geared towards helping businesses to operate internationally in a way is ‘safe, fair and sustainable’. The Diploma in World Customs Compliance & Regulations in particular is a key contribution towards this, giving businesses and individuals the skills needed to feel ‘secure’ about the way they trade goods over borders.

With Brexit coming up, the importance of qualifications like our diploma is only going to become greater. Former IOE&IT student Richard Morley – now at Grant Thornton – told us:

“Customs duty tends to be the neglected area of the taxes. Something that many are aware of yet is truly understood by few. However, Brexit has the potential to change all that. The very public debate is bringing effective customs activities, processes, and compliance into sharper focus for UK businesses. To enable UK business to reach their full potential, and take advantage of the opportunities that are available when they are confident to trade on a global stage.”

“Obtaining a qualification from the IOE really helps you to understand that trading, thanks to WCO is safe, fair and predictable. Helping the vibrant economy to flourish. “

We talk to our experts

We also spoke to some of our resident ‘customs experts’ to find out a little more about what a ‘secure business environment’ means and the work the Institute is doing to contribute to creating it:

Arne Mielken – Young President of the Institute of Export & International Trade

Mike Josypenko – Director of Special Projects of the Institute of Export & International Trade

Anna Jerzewska PhD – Global Trade Specialist

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