Quality Policy Statement

The Institute of Export and International Trade (‘IOE&IT’) is the leading association of exporters and importers.

We provide education and training to professionalise the UK’s international traders.

Our aim is to ensure that quality is considered within all of our processes and interactions with internal and external interested
parties where applicable to enable us to continuously improve and to ensure we remain the leading association within our field.

We aim to ensure that we are approachable to all types of organisations whether they be big or small. We aim is to be the first
association organisation’s think of when they need assistance in any query regarding export and import. By understanding this we
can offer consultation, education and training to assist organisations with achieving their goals and advising them of how to continuously improve. We can also offer bespoke services to organisations, big or small, to be able to deep dive into their challenges and to provide a solution whether it be an off the shelf solution or a bespoke solution.

In addition, as part of our charitable status, we are proud to have given over a million pounds in vouchers to organisations who
needed assistance to allow them to gain knowledge and upskill their workforce – enforcing our belief that anyone should be able
to access skills and guidance.

The purpose of our Quality Policy is to maintain an effective integrated management system that meets our internal and external
interested parties’ needs and requirements:

We achieve this as an organisation by the following methods which are authorised by our Executive Committee and communicated
throughout the organisation to ensure we all are aware of our intentions and that we understand our strategic direction:

- Defining and understanding the context, scope and purpose of the organisation.
- Embedding a framework for setting quality objectives and how we monitor, measure and evaluate whether we have met
these objectives along with opportunities for continuous improvement.
- Includes a commitment to comply with all our organisation’s obligations and to raise awareness of the consequences of
- Includes a commitment to continual improvement of the quality management system.
- Generating Standard Operating Procedures (SOPS) to ensure business continuity and consistency.
- Considering the risks associated to the business at project outset and when implementing change and reviewing existing
policies and processes or operations.
- Utilising Vendor Selection Criteria to ensure we are selecting suppliers in lines with our organisational ethics, beliefs and
strategic direction.
- Working closely with our clients to develop and build strong relationships and to receive valued feedback to enable us to
review our performance and to continuously improvement.
- Developing relationships and partnering agreements with clients and suppliers which follow our legal framework structure
to ensure a consistent and compliance approach
- Continually monitoring and analysing performance to identify opportunity process improvements.
- Being committed to the competence, development, and professionalism of our team members.
- A commitment to continually improving the effectiveness of the goods and services that we provide.

The Executive Committee are responsible and accountable for establishing and implementing the organisation’s integrated
management system. All team members are expected to be familiar and adhere to the policy and are encouraged to raise any
queries they may have with the Legal and Compliance Team at Compliance@export.org.uk. This Quality Policy is supported by our
other published policies.

Signed Director & COO: Kelly Shaw

Date:   12th April 2024