Maximise Russia's culture and customs for export success: April 6th training course

Mon 30 Jan 2017
Posted by: IOE&IT News
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Montage of Russian images including Russian dolls

The Institute and Albion (Overseas) Ltd have joined forces for another dynamic training event to de-mystify the UK’s fastest growing export market.

The Russian Cultural Training full day course will be held on Thursday 6th April in Peterborough.

Here delegates will learn about the many differences in culture and customs between the British and the Russians and how – by knowing about them and why they exist – businesses working in international trade can harness a wealth of opportunities.

The session will provide an overview of Russia and look at some of the issues that drive Russians, the problems these cause and how to deal with them.

Offering a background to cultural awareness and how it can make businesses money, it will cover topics such as learning the art of negotiation with the Russians, leadership, conducting meetings and women in business.

The workshop also includes overcoming frustrations with bureaucracy and form filling; arranging meetings and slack attitudes towards punctuality; key meeting skills that avoid loss of traction and abrupt endings; getting around Russia; and avoiding misunderstandings and social faux pas.

There will be case studies, role play exercises and anecdotal material along with informative hand outs and takeaway material.

The course will be led by Albion managing director, David Cant, a fluent Russian speaker who has lived and worked in Russia. He has been delivering cultural training for over 20 years, adapting the content as the country itself changes and adapts.

He said:  If you really want to engage with a country, then you need to understand the people. What motivates them? Why are they this or that way? A company whose people understand whom they are dealing with is a company that will win hearts and minds and a company that will win.”

The ‘Russian Cultural Training’ day will also take in practical issues, such as where to live, commuting and safety, as well as internal travel, bureaucracy and dealing with the authorities.

IOE&IT director general, Lesley Batchelor OBE, said: “Cultural training is vital for professionals and teams to build more successful business relationships in overseas markets. The training we offer has been carefully selected from many competing programmes and we believe this course to be the best available.”

You can register for your place here – and don’t forget you can still book for the Making Russia Easy workshop on 21st March, which is free of charge for members and £30+VAT for non-members, here, or call 44 (0) 1733 404 400.