Harness the wealth of trading opportunities with Russia at our December 8th workshop

Fri 25 Nov 2016
Posted by: IOE News
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Russia Scenery

The Institute of Export and Albion (Overseas) Ltd have teamed up to offer a wealth of invaluable information on the UK’s fastest growing export market at their half day Making Russia Easy’ workshop on Thursday, December 8th in Peterborough.

The session examines opportunities in Russia along with practical issues such as finding and working with distributors, product certification, keeping costs down, getting there and sending goods there. Delegates will discover the tools and information needed to successfully trade with such a large market and examine solutions to the issues presented by a devalued Ruble.

Over the past two decades Albion has helped hundreds of exporters do business in Russia, drawing on its own distribution experience there.

One that has carved out success in the country is leading animal feed supplier, ForFarmers, who began by attending one of Albion’s Russian business days held around the UK and was then guided by Albion as it established itself in Russia.

International director, Tony Suckling, said: “Although we had established a subsidiary in Romania as far back as 2002 we were very conscious of the complex nature and unique aspects of trade into Russia, and it seemed logical to discuss with Albion the possibility of them assisting us acting as a footprint to guide us through the many varied cultural aspects of doing business in this market. This has proved a good decision and has saved us a lot of time and probably cost.”

Russia presents opportunities in training, languages, education, HR and the service industry in connection with events such as the World Cup in 2018. In addition to the openings there, the workshop will be an introduction to the brand new and already popular “TRAK” service, which gives companies immediate additional access to the massive markets of Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan.

For more details or to book a place on the workshop, which is free of charge for members and £30+VAT for non-members call 44 (0) 1733 404 400.