Video: Helping Hand Environmental with Carly Di Crescienzo at the London World Trade Summit 2019

Fri 15 Nov 2019
Posted by: Ana Pintor

We spoke to Carly Di Crescienzo, UK sales Manager for Helping Hand Environmental at London World Trade Summit 2019 about their exportation endeavours and the impact the Queen’s award has had on their business relations.

You can read our report of the London World Trade Summit here


Transcript of interview

“Hi, I'm Carly Di Crescienzo, UK Sales Manager for Helping Hand Environmental which is a division of the Helping Hand Company.

We are a manufacturing supplier of litter clearance hands tools and we supply over 93% of local authorities across the UK.

We've been very successful in exporting our products across Europe, evidencing the success here in the UK, the councils we provide our products to, major brands we work with and environmental charities.

We are facing challenges exporting into Europe, people knowing who we are, raising our profile & our brand.

We've worked quite closely with some key distributers of ours that have seen the evidence that we've put forward, are very happy and trust us as a supplier.

Moving forward, we are very much looking forward to growing our business, we've grown over 750% over the last 6 years in exporting our products, winning a Queen's award for enterprise international trade which has been fantastic for us as a local company based in Herefordshire.

It's given us a great accolade of continued trade across Europe, we're of course very proud and hopefully our customers will have seen and trust us a supplier moving forward.”


You can read our report of the London World Trade Summit here