'Use it or lose it' - access apprenticeship funding quickly in 2019

Fri 21 Dec 2018
Posted by: William Barns-Graham

The Institute of Export and International Trade provide professional qualifications which allow businesses to access apprenticeship funding. 

This can apply for any business who export or import or are involved in the international trade supply chain - such as Logistics and Shipping companies, Banks and Trade consultants.

Our qualifications focus on the practical aspects of international trade, supply chain and logistics and prepare employees for a career in international trade. With current uncertainties around Brexit, initiatives on export growth and international trade facilitation and compliance, never has it been more important to have professionally trained staff.

We have a high number of companies and employees studying with us, so please join us. 

We have a number of companies and learners starting with us in January who are taking the opportunity to commence learning now before businesses start to lose access to some of their apprenticeship funding from April 2019, under the principle of 'use your apprenticeship funding now or lose it!'

To hear more about what we have to offer please visit https://www.export.org.uk/page/Apprenticeships

Or email us on apprenticeships@export.org.uk  

You can also telephone 01733 404400 for further information