Polkadoodles and Atom Brands show the value of having a plan and a can-do attitude

Tue 18 Dec 2018
Posted by: William Barns-Graham

The latest Open to Export webinar saw our Director General, Lesley Batchelor, joined by two fantastic case study exporters in what was a great showcase of the ingenuity and hard work that is behind every export success story.

Polkadoodles, a previous Export Action Plan finalist from Yorkshire, and Atom Brands, a recent Queen’s Award winner, both shared accounts of their export journeys, giving tips to SMEs looking to grow their business internationally in 2019.

In the webinar, Lesley spoke about how our new ‘Buccaneer’s Guide to a New Export Market’ membership package helps businesses to take their first steps in international trade by offering them a wealth of information, research support and guided consultancy through the Export Action Plan tool.

You can watch the webinar in whole or clips of the two case studies below.

Buccaneer’s Guide to Export Success

Case Study: Polkadoodles

Case Study: Atom Brands

Enter the 10th Export Action Plan Competition

With Brexit still unresolved, the only certainty going into 2019 is continued uncertainty. As Lesley has said previously, it’s never too early to start preparing. Whatever March 29th brings, there will be plenty of opportunities for UK business around the world.

We encourage SMEs new to export to prepare by completing an Export Action Plan using Open to Export’s online tool. The tool asks businesses to research all the key elements of international trade, asking them to set achievable actions for each step of their export journey.

Further, businesses can enter their plans into the latest Export Action Plan competition for the chance to win £3000. Sponsored by Bibby Financial Services, companies have till January 25th to submit their completed plans to the competition.