Nigerian SONCAP – Update for Life Endangering Products

Fri 5 May 2017
Posted by: IOE&IT News

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On 30th March 2017, the new procedure for certifying shipments and issuing SONCAP Certification relating to Life Endangering Products went live.

This means that all exporters/importers with shipments that include a host of products, from electrical parts to safety glasses, can now only be certified SONCAP if they have a valid Product Certificate.  This certificate must have been issued either through Route A (PC 1 /Unregistered) or through Route C (PC3 / License).

Chantelle Rowe, Director at IOE&IT corporate member, XDS Solutions, says; “We are advising all exporters/importers involved in shipping products to Nigeria to look closely at their existing processes, and to take action to safeguard their supply chain.  A few small amendments can iron out any issues, but to prevent delays this must be done prior to shipments arriving at Nigerian Customs”. 

To help, XDS Solutions has also provided examples of how this new SONCAP procedure may affect exporters:


1. Previously operated via a PC2 (Route B)

SONCAP will no longer be issued.  In this instance, a PC1 with Inspection or a PC3 is required to certify this shipment.


2. Previously operated via Product Certificate - Unregistered (Route A)

All shipments will now require an inspection to include both packing and sealing of FCL Containers.  The PC-U will be valid for 6 months.


3. Previously operated via Product Certificate - License (Route C)

This route is now only available to manufacturers.  The PC-L will be valid for 1 year, and at minimum 1 shipment will need to be inspected every six months.


Nigerian SONCAP list of life endangering products including HS codes:

             Automobile Glass 70071, 700721

             Batteries 8506 - 8507

             Brake Fluids 27101932-33, 3819, 38255

             Brake Pads 6813, 85052, 86072, 87083, 8714,

             Cements 2523

             Cigarettes 2401-2403, 9613 - 9614

             Converters, Chargers etc. 8504

             Electrical Cables 8544

             Electrical Fuses 8535 - 8539

             Electrical Parts 7614, 7616991, 90309,

             Electrical switches 73023, 85365, 864721

             Fertilizer 3101 - 3104

             Gas Regulator 903289

             Gypsum 2520

             Heaters 8516, 84191

             Helmets/Safety Headgear 6506

             Lightening Arrestors 85462

             Lubricating Preparation 340319, 340399, 381129,38119, 381119

             Matches 36050

             Paints 3208 - 3210002000

             Razor 3212

             Safety Belts 87082

             Safety Glasses 70071-7008

             Sanitary Pads 9619

             Solar Panels 841919, 85414

             Stabilizer 85321

             Steel Bars 7207 - 7228

             Steel Roofing Sheets 7038909

             Storage Vessels (LPG Cylinders, etc.) 3606, 7311, 76130,

             Telephones 85171

             Tyres 4011


Concerned with how the new procedure for certifying shipments and issuing SONCAP Certification relating to Life Endangering Products will impact your business?  Talk to an XDS Account Manager.  Early planning will streamline export compliance and ensure all the mandatory export documents are in place, before your shipment leaves the warehouse.


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