Exporter focus: Laser Quantum

Thu 10 Aug 2017
Posted by: William Barns-Graham

As part of our build up to the Queen's Award Gala Dinner this September, we're talking to some of this year's international trade winners.

In this interview, we talk to Laser Quantum - specialist manufacturers of DPSS & ultrafast laser sources for scientific and industrial applications.


What does your business do and where are you at the moment in terms of your exports?

Laser Quantum is a leading supplier of continuous wave and ultrafast lasers. These lasers are predominantly used at universities and research institutes and support a wide range of applications, from biomedical imaging, Raman spectroscopy, through to Attosecond physics, High Harmonic Generation and Frequency combs and Metrology. Laser Quantum has increased its exporting by 57% over the last 3 years and exports lasers globally.


Congratulations on winning a Queen’s Award! How did it feel to win one and how has winning one impacted your business?

We were extremely proud to win the Queens Award, it is a very prestigious award and is a great honour to receive it. In terms of the impact on our business, we are determined to continue to grow and aim to provide cutting-edge technology to research institutes enabling them to further advance scientific research internationally. This award is recognition of the hard-work and effort put into all our products. We intend to continue to apply these efforts and reflect the reasons why we received the Queen’s Award.


Are you looking forward to the Queen’s Award dinner? What are you most looking forward to about it?

Two members of the company attended the reception and were delighted to meet other winners across a multitude of industries. Unfortunately we are unable to make the dinner, but it does look like a wonderful evening.


What’s the next big thing for your business?

Laser Quantum is always looking for the next step, at present we wish to continue to invest in the company, creating new, innovative technology to support and advance research ongoing globally. We are currently expanding and growth always leads to new ideas…


You can sign up to the Queen's Award dinner for a fabulous celebration of the Queen's Award winners' achievements at the Royal Horseguards Hotel here

You can also apply for an award yourself in this year's International Trade Category - more info.