The Award in International Marketing qualification provides students with an understanding of the basic marketing concept and the principles and practices of international marketing developing an understanding of the part culture plays in the sales process. Students learn to interpret the market environment, carry out appropriate research, analyse information accurately and devise appropriate marketing plans for the international environment.

The course comprises a single module from our Level 4 Diploma and is in two main sections.

Learning outcomes

By the time you have finished this qualification you will be able to:

1. Understand the key marketing elements which lead to international trade success

2. Apply current marketing theories to practices in international trade

3. Understand effective international market research and analysis processes

This section deals with the background to International Marketing, implementing market analysis and the critical areas for analysis:

  • The marketing concept
  • The Marketing Plan
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Communication Channels
  • Operating Marketing challenges
  • International Marketing
  • Types of International Marketing
  • International Market Analysis
  • International Market Research
  • Buyer behaviour analysis
  • International Competition analysis
  • Country analysis
  • Cultural influences on international trade

This section deals with target market selection, development of a marketing plan, measuring business performance, dealing with overseas clients and structuring the business for overseas trade

  • Selection of a target market
  • Market segmentation
  • Market entry modes
  • Product Positioning
  • Developing International brands
  • International Pricing
  • International Distribution
  • International Marketing Communication
  • Marketing Performance Analysis
  • Finding and dealing with International Clients
  • Structuring a Business for International Trade
  • Measuring Export Marketing & Sales Performance

All study is delivered through Supported Distance Learning, with access to tutor support via phone or email. Find out more here.

Course fees:

Enrolment fee £550.00

Student Registration (one year student membership) £118.00

Assessment fees £130.00

Total £798

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Why choose an Institute of Export & International Trade qualification?

Why choose an Institute of Export & International Trade qualification? Our career-boosting qualifications equip students with the professional and academic skills to succeed in international business.