The Institute of Export & International Trade offers Distance Learning courses for all of its professional qualifications. The Institute’s courses provide students with flexibility to start their studies at any point within the year from any location in the world.

Course Content

Essentially, the Distance Learning courses are composed of online comprehensive notes, which follow the syllabus requirements of the professional qualifications. The material guides students through their chosen course, defining and explaining the concepts and procedures of international trade.

Tutor Support

The Institute of Export & International Trade provides tutor support to those undertaking our core professional qualifications.

All our tutors are specialists in their subjects and have extensive experience working within the international trade arena.

Students are given access to a tutor for each of the modules.  Tutors deliver online video calls to guide students through their learning materials and help prepare them for their module assessment. 

Students are also encouraged to submit interim (formative) assignments so that the tutor can provide feedback and make recommendations for revision or further study where appropriate. These are to help prepare students for their final module assessment.

Tutors are also available to answer questions related to the course content, provide explanations and suggest further reading.

Studying the course

The student is able to set the pace of their studies - a typical pace would be one module every four months, however there is a 'maximum study period' for each qualification which allows for flexibility so that students can pause their studies when needed or revisit the course content before registering to take their module assessment.

There is no academic year for Distance Learning students so studying may start at any time, however the best times to join are leading up to the months of January, May and September when the tutor supported teaching cycles restart.  These cycles prepare students for the corresponding assessment periods which take place every April, August and December.


If you wish to study through Distance Learning with the Institute of Export & International Trade please apply via the course webpage using the 'Apply now' button, or send an email requesting an application form to


Distance Learning