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Please note these reports are for work completed before we became the Chartered Institute on 10 July 2024, and this is reflected in the text and branding.

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15 February 2024: Policies for Progress IOE&IT - How to unlock the UK's full trade potential

Discover the discussion the Chartered Institute is involved with to help UK traders unlock their full trade potential. 

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September 2023: Global horizons : Realising the services export potential of UK nations and regions

View the Chartered Institute's most recent contributions to the media about UK trade policy and other issues relation to international trade

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March 2023: TradeTech: A pathway for businesses to seize trade opportunities

International trade is on the cusp of technological transformation. The global pandemic and concurrent geopolitical and supply chain disruptions have highlighted the importance and transformative nature of digital technologies.

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November 2022: Enhanced efficiency

The war in Ukraine, geopolitical tensions and the lingering consequences of COVID-19 lockdown measures have created global supply chain bottlenecks, port congestion, border delays and increased costs for consumers. In the UK, the Bank of England attributed recent high inflation mainly to the crisis-driven changing patterns of global demand and trade disruption'.

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March 2022: Trade Data and Digitalisation

Using authoritative sources of data and expert analysis, the IOE&IT sets out the opportunities and challenges of digitalising trade in this succinct and insightful report. With the endorsement of Mike Freer MP, Minister for Exports, and a foreword by IOE&IT director general Marco Forgione, Trade Data and Digitalisation lays out 13 recommendations for government and businesses for overcoming the hurdles to a digital trade future.

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November 2021: The Digitalisation of Trade: SMEs driving innovation - a report by UKBAA and IOE&IT

In Autumn 2021 the IOE&IT collaborated with the UK Business Angels Association to host an event which showcased innovative digital trade start-ups. With forewords by IOE&IT director general Marco Forgione and Roderick Beer, managing director of the UKBAA, this report looks at some of those solutions and trends driving London’s trade tech start-up scene.

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April 2021: IOE&IT Policy Platform

The IOE&IT Policy Platform was launched by the then minister for exports Graham Stuart to reflect the priorities that the Institute believed the UK government needed to act on as the country takes on managing its own independent trade policy for the first time in two generations. Many of its recommendations remain germane and it is a great place to start to understand the Institute’s thinking on trade and trade policy.

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March 2021: Freeports

Published in early 2021, this paper looks at the role freeports could play in the UK. It is more of an ‘in the round’ assessment than in-depth analysis of freeports as a policy phenomenon, with insights drawn from across the globe.