Webinar: Understand UK initiatives to bolster UK-Ireland trade

Initiatives to bolster UK-Ireland trade

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In 2021, UK exports to the Republic of Ireland were worth £41.6bn, making it the UK’s fourth largest export market, according to House of Commons research.

Wales represented almost a tenth (8.2%) of this trade, but the proportion of UK goods entering Ireland through Welsh ports is thought to be much higher. Welsh ports such as Holyhead and Fishguard are among the main exit points for goods leaving Britain for Ireland and therefore the EU.

By watching our Initiatives to bolster UK-Ireland trade webinar recording, you will get answers from our international trade experts to important questions about the challenges faced by traders. You will also gain insight into the customs and digital solutions currently being developed by the UK government to facilitate the smooth flow of goods through Welsh ports into Ireland.

This 1-hour webinar covers:

  • The current challenges faced by traders moving goods from Wales/UK to Ireland

  • The potential for a digital trade corridor to be established between Wales and Ireland

  • How NCTS 5 will facilitate transit movements between Wales and Northern Ireland through Ireland

  • How Welsh freeports could facilitate easier customs processes for Welsh businesses sending goods to Ireland

Watch the recording now to get answers from trade experts to important questions regarding moving goods from Wales/UK to Ireland.

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