Bletchley Insurance Member Benefit | IOE and IT Membership

The IOE&IT are working with Bletchley Group to offer independent insurance solutions that are built around you and your business.

The IOE&IT has partnered with Birmingham-based insurance broker The Bletchley Group to help members access exclusive insurance policy advice and quotes.

Aimed at businesses in sectors such as transport, logistics, manufacturing and engineering, the partnership offers you the opportunity to benefit from a unique level of support and insight.

How do we work?

Bletchley’s team of handpicked specialists will seek to understand exactly what you do and how you do it, using in-depth sector expertise to identify your day-to-day risks and challenges.

In other words, your business is placed at the centre of decision-making and nothing is left to chance. <>
Bletchley’s services are underpinned by strong relationships with market-leading insurers, so you can benefit from bespoke insurance solutions tailored to your requirements, rather than relying on the standard package that everyone else has.

The right level of protection, at the right price

Simplicity lies at the heart of everything Bletchley offers, which means there’s no jargon, no confusion and no inflated fees.

Wondering what type of insurance your business needs?

Leave that to Bletchley. Working with specialists means no nasty surprises. Instead, Bletchley will offer you support with any exposures or risks your business might face, such as reviewing policy wordings, clauses and endorsements or by giving you the confidence that your business is protected in every way possible.

Whatever sector you work in, you can be sure to receive an insurance solution that is made to measure.

Interested? Please enquire today to find out how The Bletchley Group can help you save money and enhance your risk management.

See Bletchley Group website for more information:

You can also learn more by watching our recent webinar: 'How to manage due diligence and risk in a changing global trade landscape'.

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