Understand Water Efficiency Labelling for Saudi Arabia

Fri 19 Jan 2018
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As of January 1st 2018, the Saudi Arabian Standards Organization (SASO) has begun enforcement of new Water Efficiency Regulations and a SASO Water Efficiency Labelling programme for faucets, showers and toilets based upon their water efficiency consumption rates. 

So, we asked IOE&IT corporate member and expert in export certificates of conformity, XDS Solutions, to provide a simple regulatory update to help ensure Institute members are prepared:

Manufacturers, importers, exporters and freight forwarders are now obliged to label their products in line with the SASO Water Efficiency Labelling programme before they ship, to ensure the goods can clear customs and enter the Saudi market.

Example new SASO Water Efficiency Label

Water Efficiency Label


The new Maximum Flow Rates (In Litres per Minute) for the different product types are below

SASO Maximum Flow


Hydraulic Efficiency Grades
The Hydraulic Efficiency of the products also need to be graded based upon their Nominal Flow Rate in Litres per Minute.

The requirements for the different grades is shown in the table below:

Subjected products and the applicable SASO standards


SASO Water Efficiency Labelling Registration Process

1. Applicable sanitary product or water flow control equipment should be tested to the relevant SASO standard by an approved laboratory.  At XDS Solutions we work with several accredited partner laboratories, contact us to discover more >>

2. Once testing to the required standard is complete, test reports will be issued and used to prove compliance.

3. An XDS Account Manager will then register your application via an accredited agency, resulting in issuance of a Water Efficiency Label for the product or equipment.

4. This process will typically take 2-3 weeks, from start to issuance of registration documents.

The labelling is PER MODEL and is valid for 1 YEAR.

Apply for your SASO Water Efficiency Label and Certificate of Conformity.  Talk to an expert SASO Account Manager today

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About XDS Solutions:
Chelmsford-based XDS Solutions was launched in 2013 to offer export managers a fast and simple way to organise SASO and SONCAP Certificates of Conformity. With more than 12 years’ experience navigating export documentation, its founders knew well the frustration felt at being unable to find a straightforward route. Instead of slow, complex, web-based conformity assessment, an XDS Account Manager personally manages every step of each client’s compliance journey.  Moving mountains to meet certification deadlines. 

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