Supply chain disruption continues to leave food and drink sector 'in a cold sweat' casino giant says

Fri 20 Aug 2021
Posted by: Noelle McElhatton
Trade News

A growing number of businesses, including casino owner Rank and brewer Adnams, are citing supply chain problems to add to existing heartaches over the pingdemic. 

Suffolk brewer and pub chain Adnams warned that it was facing problems with wine supplies, while John O’Reilly, CEO of casino group Rank said that both food and wine were areas of concern.

‘Products, logistics and packaging’

“Back end of last week we couldn’t get halloumi fries, which had a major impact on our menus. And this week we’ve got a problem with Sauvignon blanc [wine], which has got me in a cold sweat,” he told the Evening Standard. “It’s products, logistics and packaging... You never know where the next challenge is coming from.”

Rank owns the Mecca Bingo (pictured) and Grosvenor Casinos brands, among others. 

Chicken restaurant Nando’s has had to close 45 restaurants due to supply chain disruptions, and KFC has also reported problems, says Sky. The head of the British Poultry Council blames worker shortages following Brexit for the issues and has contacted the Home Office.

Supply chain stress

Avara Foods, suppliers of chicken to restaurants and supermarkets, told The Daily Telegraph its UK workforce had been “severely depleted as a result of Brexit” and that this was “causing stress on UK supply chains in multiple sectors”.

It said: “It looks increasingly likely this is a structural change in the UK labour market, which shows no obvious sign of being resolved quickly.”

Many small manufacturers are also experiencing rising supply chain prices that are inhibiting their growth prospects, as covered in the IOE&IT’s Daily Update.