Stronger EU export control rules on dual-use items have kicked in: here's the impact on the UK

Fri 10 Sept 2021
Posted by: Noelle McElhatton
Trade News

Yesterday (Thursday 10 Sept) saw the introduction of new EU controls on exports in dual-use items in response to security risks and emerging technologies.

The new EU Dual-use Regulation 2021/821 (replacing the former dual use regulation) is designed to make the supply chain/export of dual use items more transparent.

The regulation focuses on export of consumer goods and technologies, especially telecoms and cyber-surveillance, that can have military or security uses.

The IOE&IT has been following the development of this new EU controls regime and what it means for the UK – see a recording of our webinar featuring Rolls Royce here.

Greater EU cooperation

The new regulation encourages the pooling of expertise by EU states to tackle particular challenges, notably in relation to cyber-surveillance – where due diligence guidelines are in preparation – but also emerging dual-use technologies such as advanced computing.

'A better grip'

Executive Vice-President and Trade Commissioner Valdis Dombrovskis said the new regulation would help the EU “to better respond to emerging threats in an increasingly volatile world. That means getting a better grip on dual-use technologies, including cyber-surveillance technologies that can be misused for human rights violations.

“Thanks to these new EU rules, the EU countries will now also work even more closely amongst themselves and with allies on potential security risks arising from biotech, Artificial Intelligence and other emerging technologies.

“We will also team up to ensure a level playing field for companies, for example, in the context of the new EU-US Trade and Technology Council.”