New UK Trader Scheme launched to help firms moving goods between GB and Northern Ireland

Tue 15 Dec 2020
Posted by: Noelle McElhatton
Trade News

HM Government has launched a scheme for traders moving goods from GB into Northern Ireland to help them manage the risk of having to pay EU tariffs.

From 1 January 2021, under the Northern Ireland Protocol tariffs may need to be paid on goods deemed ‘at risk’ of moving beyond Northern Ireland into the EU, particularly to Ireland.

Though negotiations for a tariff-free trade deal are ongoing, in a no-deal outcome goods that are at risk of entering the EU’s Single Market via Northern Ireland from GB will have to pay EU tariffs. 


The new UK Trader Scheme (UKTS) allows authorised businesses to demonstrate that the goods they are moving into Northern Ireland are ‘not at risk’ of onward movement to the EU.

This means that businesses who successfully apply to the scheme will be able to move their goods with no tariff liabilities.

Urged to apply

Businesses moving goods from GB to NI are being urged to apply quickly before the transition period finishes.

In order to declare goods not ‘at risk’ from 1 January 2021, trader must have applied for UKTS authorisation by 31 December 2020.

Read more here on how to apply.


The scheme will be focused on goods sold or provided for:

  • final use by end consumers located in Northern Ireland
  • internal UK trade

The scheme is open to firms that ‘meet certain closely linked criteria’ to being a business established in NI. 

The Command Paper on the Northern Ireland Protocol published on Thursday 10 December also specifies that the arrangement will not be ‘available to those with serious criminal records or existing compliance issues’.