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The government has confirmed that all “extant and new” dual-use licences to Russia have been suspended.

The move had been trailed by the Prime Minister in an oral statement to the House of Commons on Thursday (24 February).

Dual-use items are products that are deemed to have both a civilian and military use.


A ‘Notice to Exporters’ from the Export Control Joint Unit (ECJU), which is part of the Department for International Trade, confirmed that licences allowing dual-use items to be shipped to Russia are now suspended.

“Extant and new dual-use licences to Russia have been suspended,” the ECJU wrote to traders.

“Nine open general export control licences (OGELs) updated to remove Russia as a permitted destination,” it added.

Knowledge is key

Raymond Burgin, a trade and customs specialist at the IOE&IT Academy, advised the IOE&IT Daily Update that traders should carefully read the latest government update.

“We knew this was coming but for traders dealing with Russia it's vital that they read this ECJU notice,” he said.

“Overall, traders need to know their customer, their products, their destination and ultimate end users”, he added.


More guidance will be available in the IOE&IT’s free webinar on 'How to comply with trade sanctions against Russia' which is being broadcast live tomorrow at 11am. You can sign up to the webinar here.

“Keep reading your Daily Update bulletin and also sign up for HM Government's ECJU alerts here,” added Burgin.