Four safety and security facilitations to be introduced in July

Tue 21 Jun 2022
Posted by: Phillip Adnett
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Customs Checks

HMRC is introducing four new easements around the submission of safety and security (S&S) information for vehicles taking goods into and out of the UK - in a move that will be welcomed by the logistics sector. 

The facilitations were recently confirmed to members of the Joint Customs Consultative Committee (JCCC) and are aimed at improving the flow of goods and vehicles at UK borders.

The JCCC is the main forum for HMRC to discuss trade changes directly with industry.


The four key S&S facilitations will come into force from 1 July 2022 for both EU and rest-of-world trade, impacting traders, hauliers and carriers.

The changes are:

  • Making the inclusion of S&S movement reference numbers (MRNs) optional in the Goods Vehicle Movement Service (GVMS) for both imports and exports
  • Removal of S&S requirements for exported empty cargo units
  • Removal of S&S requirements when outbound cargo is moved from one vessel to another on the way to its final destination (inter-port transhipments), when moved under transit under a single transport contract
  • Removal of S&S requirements on commercial goods brought in your own baggage or a small vehicle (merchandise in baggage), for both imports and exports

“The new facilitations that have been introduced will be welcomed by the transport and haulage industry,” according to IOE&IT academy trade and customs specialist Suzanne Alecrim.

Significant decision

Making the MRN optional is a significant change, reducing the complexity around needing to cancel and create a new GVMS entry if the MRN changes.

“GVMS links together the S&S, customs and transit declarations to the vehicle that is moving,” said Alecrim. “Making it optional to add this MRN will speed up the process of generating a goods movement reference (GMR), allowing vehicles to move as quickly as possible”.

Empty units

As part of the package of easements, S&S declarations will no longer be required for lorries carrying empty units exported under a transport contract.

Alecrim commented: “This will reduce the burden on hauliers and carriers who will no longer be required to issue exit declarations for empty vehicles, containers and packaging. This will allow them to move between ports into required locations, more quickly and efficiently.”

Merchandise in baggage

Regarding the easement for merchandise in baggage, Alecrim said: “For commercial goods that are carried by traders there is already an easement whereby imports do not require an Entry Summary (S&S) declaration. This has now been extended to exports. This will help with the flow of goods moving out of Great Britain.”

Previously, the inclusion of an S&S declaration reference number had been encouraged and still remains an option for hauliers carrying goods out of Britain.