Experts encourage greener shipping

Wed 11 Dec 2019
Posted by: Ana Pintor
Trade News

green shipping

As pressures increase for businesses to operate in a 'greener' environment, efforts are being made by the International Maritime Organisation to help with this. 

From 1st January 2020 new stricter regulations are being introduced regarding sulphur emissions released from ships. 

Telford-based Global Freight Services Ltd has welcomed the action which aims to make exporting by sea a much greener practice, however it says the move is likely to force up the cost of shipping goods.

“One of the biggest ways to bring costs down is to increase the size of shipments and reduce the frequency of consignments. This will not only have cost benefits but is also much better for the environment too.”  GFS's Managing director Anton Gunter said. 

The current limit for sulphur in fuel oil sits at 3.5% m/m whilst the new regulations introduced by International Maritime Organisation will see the limit reduced to 0.5% m/m.