Ecosystem of Trust: government seeks businesses to take part in pilot for technology-enabled border

Fri 14 Jan 2022
Posted by: Noelle McElhatton
Trade News

The government is calling on companies that operate the UK’s trade supply chain to take part in a pilot of a new concept aiming to deliver a world-leading, technology-enabled UK border.

Called the ‘Ecosystem of Trust’, the concept is based on a combination of shared supply chain data, technology and ‘trusted trader’ schemes to allow processes to take place away from the physical border to make the flow of goods more efficient.

The Ecosystem of Trust, as set out in the government's 2025 UK Border Strategy, will be delivered in partnership with users of the border and the border industry to develop the necessary technology.

Call to IOE&IT members

IOE&IT Academy director and lead trade expert Kevin Shakespeare urged IOE&IT members to take part in the pilot.

“As the Institute is at the heart of the Ecosystem of Trust activity, we are keen that all actors in the supply chain consider their involvement – from traders (exporters and importers), logistics firms, software providers of customs platforms to providers of supply chain traceability and provenance,” he said.

Expressions of interest

The deadline for initial expressions of interest in the pilot is 31 January 2022, after which there will be workshops with interested parties to set out the key challenges that any solution will need to overcome.

This will allow consortia to set out project proposals for their pilots for assessment, with the best proposals taken forward from May.

Frictionless border

According to the government, the most advanced borders in the world increasingly rely on the use of technology and data to assure movements.

“Automated assurance and reliability can help ensure trust between actors, creating an Ecosystem of Trust,” the government’s release states.

“For a compliant and trusted trader, an Ecosystem of Trust could deliver a more frictionless import/export experience and would enable government enforcement agencies to focus on those deemed to be a higher risk.”


In view of the Institute’s ongoing commitment to the government’s future border strategy, we will be providing further updates on UK border plans, ensuring full engagement continues. 

Parties interested in finding out more and discussing involvement with the IOE&IT should email with details of their organisation and its role in the international supply chain.