Digitalising trade: the government asks what YOU want from a Single Trade Window

Mon 31 Jan 2022
Posted by: Noelle McElhatton
Trade News

Having a Single Trade Window – a system that allows traders to lodge information digitally with a single body to fulfil all national import or export related regulatory requirements – is a key commitment of the government’s 2025 Border Strategy.

The government is allocating £180 million to build a UK Single Trade Window which will reduce the cost of trade by streamlining trader interactions with border agencies.

Help design the UK’s Single Trade Window   

To help shape what services the UK Single Trade Window will offer, the Cabinet Office is asking for input from you – the international trade community.

By taking part in the survey here, you can have your say in this vital step towards digitalising UK trade.

Any responses you provide will be anonymised before being aggregated for submission to Cabinet Office and the wider government (though we do ask you to identify yourself for verification purposes and invite you to take part in further consultation).

The survey takes approximately 12-15 minutes to complete.

The deadline for your response to the questionnaire is 8 February 2022.

Your opinion counts

Kevin Shakespeare, director of the IOE&IT Academy, urged the trading community to take part in the Cabinet Office survey.

“The potential benefits of a UK Single Trade Window are large, in terms of lower costs of trade and reduced delays at borders – especially for a country whose exports (goods and services) account for some 30% of GDP,” Shakespeare said.

The recent increase in the volume of customs declarations needed for GB-EU trade also makes this development “very timely,” he added.

“Creating a Single Trade Window is a big undertaking for the UK government, which is committing £180m to the project. It’s vital that traders – the ultimate beneficiary of this development – have their say in how it is designed.”