Data to continue flowing freely between the UK and EU, announcement later this week will say

Mon 15 Feb 2021
Posted by: William Barns-Graham
Trade News


Brussels is set to allow data to continue flowing freely between the UK and EU after it judged that UK rules and provisions provide adequate protection of consumers’ personal information. 

A draft of the European Commission announcement of the decision, seen by the FT, also suggests there will be cooperation between the parties on policing.

City AM reports that the draft decision is expected to be approved by the European Commission this week.

It is thought the announcement will be warmly received in the health, insurance and technology sectors.

Future proofing

The UK had a head start in being granted adequacy compared with other countries due to its system already aligning with the EU’s.

However, Vera Jourova, EU vice-president for values and transparency, said, that the commission “should ensure that any adequacy finding concerning the UK will be future-proof.”

The deal will be re-examined every four years to ensure the UK system continues to respect the rights of EU citizens.

Data is currently flowing as it did previously under the terms of an interim deal agreed in December, Politico reports.