Customs updates: CDS, 999L waiver and CPTPP consultation

Mon 15 Jan 2024
Posted by: Danielle Keen
Trade News

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As we head further into another year of change for cross-border trade, the government has issued a series of reminders about upcoming deadlines traders need to know about, as well as opportunities to share your views on recent trade deals.

CDS GVMS update

HMRC has recently issued a pair of updates on the ongoing migration to the Customs Declaration Service (CDS).

In the first update, HMRC said that exporters that only use the Goods Vehicle Movement Service (GVMS) should start submitting export declarations through CDS, subject to a couple of exceptions.

These exceptions are if:

  • there is a chance the goods could be rerouted to an inventory linked airport or maritime location
  • if the trader uses temporary storage facilities
  • if the trader uses a designated export place

Migration deadline

The second update stressed that the final migration deadline for export declarations to be moved over to CDS is 30 March 2024.

An HMRC letter said:

“However, we understand not all customers may be able to migrate by then. For this reason, you will be given up to three months to migrate from when the CDS is available for your exports.”

In a follow-up letter, HMRC advised traders using inventory linked airports or maritime locations that they should not start using CDS for export declarations until they receive the go-ahead from either the government or their software provider.

“Unless you are contacted by HMRC or your software provider, you should not attempt to move to CDS for exports at this time.”

HMRC said that it was continuing to work with software developers and partners to complete the final technical aspects of the migration.

999L phase-out

HMRC issued a further CDS reminder that the 999L waiver code currently used by importers will not be accepted after 31 January 2024.

This is especially important for those using the pre-lodgement system to enter codes ahead of time. Goods arriving at the UK border after 31 January will be rejected unless the correct waiver document code has been supplied in place of 999L.

You can find a full list of replacement codes and their requirements here.

CPTPP consultation

The government is also seeking views from businesses, individuals and other interested stakeholders on its general review of the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP).

The Department for Business and Trade (DBT) is asking concerned parties to share what they would like to change about CPTPP and what they would like to remain the same. You can respond to the consultation here before 22 February 2024.

The UK signed the accession protocol to the CPTPP in July last year with the expectation that it will be ratified and come into force in the second half of 2024 – subject to parliamentary approval.

The agreement is designed to be responsive to member feedback and will be put under ‘general review’ every five years. Although the UK will still be awaiting ratification when the general review begins, DBT is eager to receive feedback from stakeholders so that UK input shapes any future changes.

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