Why graduates are the voice of our exporting future

Thu 1 Mar 2012
Posted by: IOE News
IOE News
As a champion of learning and development which offers a world renowned suite of qualifications, courses and programmes, our Director General Lesley Batchelor was delighted to be recently invited to speak to students at John Moores University in Liverpool.

Lesley was extremely interested in hearing at first hand the views of the students taking Masters Degrees in International Marketing and Graduate courses in Marketing. The discussions centred on the real life challenges and issues facing those in the real world who are looking at how – and where – they should be broadening their export horizons.

Lesley and the students also focused on the importance of undertaking thorough research before making quantum leaps, and how the research should span the importance of understanding new markets, what factors impact on pricing, if trading names can be used in their current format – as well as the logistics of delivering products.

The group also discussed the cost of collecting payments from overseas customers as well as how trade tariffs can impact on setting the right price internationally.

Professor Joe McGrath also attended the sessions and was keen to hear about the personal experiences of businesses that are making successful in-roads in the world of export and forging partnerships and relationships with other cultures.

The Professor and the students were likewise interested in the growing importance of website localisation and how customers are four times more likely to purchase goods or services from a website in their own language. With English accounting for only 27% of website content – followed by Chinese with 22.6% everyone agreed that the opportunities for driving new business opportunities via this platform are unprecedented.

Many thanks to the students and to Professor Joe McGrath for a stimulating discussion.