Trade expert to warn it is 'imperative' firms understand wide range of customs changes in 2024

Tue 28 Nov 2023
Posted by: William Barns-Graham
IOE News

EU and UK flag-coated chess pieces

In 2024, it will be “imperative” for traders to stay up to date with new rules and systems for trade between the UK and EU, trade and customs experts will say on a webinar next week.

The Institute of Export & International Trade (IOE&IT) is hosting a free webinar on Wednesday 6 December giving an ‘overview of changes to UK-EU trade in 2024’.

The event builds on IOE&IT’s ‘BTOM and Beyond’ campaign earlier this year, which sought to raise awareness of the fact that there will be over 20 new measures introduced over the next 18 months, by either the UK or EU, that will impact how trade is done.

This includes a range of new import requirements for goods entering Britain from the EU which are being introduced under the UK government’s Border Target Operating Model (BTOM).


Anna Doherty, a senior customs and trade specialist at IOE&IT, told the IOE&IT Daily Update that businesses need to be aware of new rules and processes in order to maintain “compliant and efficient” trade.

“Both the UK and EU are introducing multiple new rules and processes for cross-border trade next year, and it is imperative that businesses understand these changes to ensure their trade remains compliant and efficient.

“BTOM, for example, will impact British importers and European suppliers, with new sanitary and phytosanitary checks particularly significant. Both the UK and EU are also continue looking at new single trade window programmes next year, while the Windsor Framework will see new processes brought in for trade over the Irish Sea.

“Next week’s webinar is an important opportunity for businesses to get an overview of the breadth and importance of these changes.”

Doherty will be joined on next week’s webinar by IOE&IT director of strategic projects and international development Kevin Shakespeare, with the organisation’s executive editor Will Barns-Graham as host.


When launching the BTOM and Beyond paper in September 2023, IOE&IT director general Marco Forgione pointed out that the next 18 months could also see changes that have huge benefits for traders.

A key part of the UK government’s BTOM strategy is that it is looking at ways to use a digital-first, risk-based approach to conducting border checks, avoiding the need for some physical checks and paperwork requirements.

“The UK’s international trade community is at the launchpad of great change,” he said.

“Such a raft of new measures in so short a period is almost unheard of. But it presents an enormous opportunity for Britain to reap the benefits of new trade deals and partnerships we are pursuing around the world.”