Spreading our wings with Jordan Exporters Association

Thu 8 Mar 2012
Posted by: IOE News
IOE News

A region which has undergone tremendous change in recent times, the Levant has experienced more than its fair share of barriers to international trade. Despite ongoing unrest in neighbouring Syria, Jordan has met its challenges with courage and pragmatism.

The Jordan Exporters Association (JEA) was established in 1989 to assist Jordanian businesses in their quest to develop and promote their exports.

The Institute of Export (IOE) is delighted to have partnered with the JEA which is now almost at the point of being able to verify its export qualifications and training with IOE accreditation. Our director general, Lesley Batchelor, has worked closely with the JEA in order to ensure the Jordanian training programme embraces best practice in international trade.

Through its daily activities and strategic projects, the JEA works on behalf of Jordanian exporters to identity new opportunities for their goods and services in international markets. Today the organisation is the biggest of its kind in Jordan and acts as the voice for exports both within the government and for the private sector.

JEA fosters national market development, awareness, entry strategies and identifies global trade opportunities. Achieving IOE accreditation for its training programme is expected to enhance the JEA’s commitment to increasing the export competitiveness of Jordanian enterprises, helping the country to achieve sustainable economic growth.

The association with the IOE is also expected to help Jordan promote international trade through shared knowledge and closer communication. We congratulate their achievements to date and look forward to working with them in the future.