'Russia Without Tears' workshop helps UK exporters navigate the complexities of a massive market

Thu 15 Feb 2018
Posted by: William Barns-Graham
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russia without tears seminar

Anglo-Russian ties have long been reported to be tense but there are a growing number of UK businesses looking to do business in Russia nonetheless. With a delegation from the southwest heading to Novorossiysk this summer – led by IOE&IT member Linda Middleton-Jones – and a Russian delegation visiting the UK already in January, there is without doubt an appetite in both countries to bolster trade.

Though a complex country to do business in – riddled with reports of money laundering and interference in other country elections – it is also a massive one, with a huge wealth of natural and human resources. Whether it’s in the oil and gas sector or in its growing IT, scientific, and pharmaceutical sectors, there is significant growth across Russia that UK businesses can tap.

Helping companies to deal with the complexities

We recently ran the ‘Russia Without Tears’ workshop to help companies interested in exporting to Russia to grapple with the complexities of the market. The seminar was hosted in London and attended by companies across the UK – including some of the Plymouth delegation heading to Novorossiysk in May.

Run by Brook Horowitz, Managing Director of Culture of Business, the course covered the challenges of entering the market, choosing partners, and dealing with red tape around certification, customs compliance and logistics. Brook arranged video-conferences with business leaders in Moscow and St Petersburg and the day-long event ended with a Russian food and Vodka tasting session.

The seminars were deeply practical, dealing with hiring and managing distributors, setting up a representative office and hiring staff, doing business with government, managing logistics, customs and other challenges.

russian pickles and vodka

“A good place to do business – if you choose the right partners”

Brook – who has also spoken at our regional trade summits and on an Open to Export webinar – noted that Russia is a rapidly changing but fascinating market.

“There are many business and cultural changes going on in Russia and I’ve focused on this market for the last 30 years,” he said. “The Russia market place is complex, but can be a good place to do business – if you choose the right partners.”

Brook is a fluent Russian speaker, having started working in Russia as export manager with John Crane in the 1980s, before living in Moscow for 6 years establishing and developing US multinational General Electric’s consumer and healthcare businesses.

Over the last 10 years he has worked as a consultant and trainer, bringing Western business practices and management expertise to Russian companies and government.

brook horowitz

Interested in selling to Russia? Sign up to the next seminar

The next ‘Russia Without Tears’ workshop is taking place in London on 22 May.

Member price - £299 + VAT

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For more information visit www.export.org.uk/page/Russia_Without_Tears or call us on 01733 404400.