Open to Export to host webinar on the 'Export Essentials' of Customs

Fri 23 Feb 2018
Posted by: William Barns-Graham
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Earlier this year the WCO celebrated its annual World Customs Day with the theme of creating: “A secure business environment for economic development”.

In the announcement the WCO Secretariat made a particular mention to the fact that SMEs need such an environment in order to be able to participate fully in international trade. It said:

By “secure,” we mean an environment that is enabling, safe, fair and sustainable, all wrapped into one. Such an environment will help businesses, especially micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs), to expand their activities and create incentives for them to participate more fully in international trade, as well as encourage them to innovate, generate employment and invest in human resources, thereby boosting economic growth and raising living standards.

As part of our efforts to help smaller businesses participate more fully in international trade we’re running an introduction webinar on March 1st. covering all the essentials that businesses need to know to sell overseas in a way that is customs compliant.

You can sign up to the webinar here:

The panel discuss what a ‘secure business environment’ means

On the panel we have:

  • Arne Mielken – Global Knowledge Trade Manager EMEA at Amber Road (and Young President of the Institute of Export & International Trade)
  • Anna Jerzewska, PhD – Free Trade Agreements specialist, Customs and Global Trade
  • David Macmillan – Business Development Manager, Bollore Logistics Ltd.

Speaking to the IOE&IT, earlier this year, about what a secure business environment means, Dr Anne Jerzewska said:

A secure business environment is one where firms of all sizes are able to participate in global trade and expand their activities to other markets. As such, it needs to offer certainty: firms need to have a clear guidance on how to operate within the global trade framework, how to comply with customs requirements, and what conditions they need to fulfil to be able to claim customs reliefs.

Of course with Brexit looming and continued uncertainty over the UK’s continued membership in the Customs Union, the position we find ourselves in relation to the international customs environment remains uncertain. Arne Mielken told us that businesses need to continually adapt to this changing business environment

He told us:

Customs professionals must also be provided with continuous training! Customs professionals must keep up-to-date with regulatory changes and be able to analayze the impact that these have on a business. Staying abreast with what’s going on will help to contribute to a more stable business environment.

In this regard, education is always key and at the Institute we’re constantly doing our bit to train and educate customs professionals and businesses to ensure they have the skills and knowledge needed to export compliantly.

The Open to Export webinar programme is a key part of this offering – particularly for newer exporters – while we offer a range of qualifications and training courses designed to give a more detailed and thorough understanding.  

Arne adds:

For many companies and individuals the Institute’s Diploma in World Customs Compliance and Regulation is the best starting point for ensuring they have the skills needed to navigate this environment properly.

Covering the basics

The webinar on Thursday 1st March will cover the basics of customs so that new exporters can get on the right track with their customs strategy.

Arne will be introducing the international customs landscape in 2018 and discuss the potential impact of either staying in or leaving the Customs Union.

Anna will give practical tips on using rules of origin, duty relief schemes, and customs classifications properly and compliantly.

David will talk about his experiences as a logistics services provider, helping SMEs to send their goods overseas without any hassle.

The Open to Export webinar programme

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