Launch of new trade diploma in Ghana 'further strengthens partnership with UK after trade deal'

Thu 15 Apr 2021
Posted by: Noelle McElhatton
IOE News

marco forgione ghana event

A new Diploma in International Trade was launched in Ghana today aimed at expanding trading opportunities in the West African country, but also across the African continent and the wider developing world.

The online programme, managed by the United Nations-sponsored International Trade Centre, is aimed at bridging the global education divide between developed countries and developing nations such as Ghana.

The programme was developed using an adaptation of the Institute of Export’s Level 4 Diploma in International Trade, with content localised by the Ghana Export Promotion Authority.

The diploma’s first graduate students were honoured at the ceremony today. “Today we celebrate and recognise 21 talented individuals who are part of building forward this vision and turning good words and aspirations into reality,” said IOE&IT director general Marco Forgione.

Ghana growth

Ghana was selected as the country to launch the programme as part of ITC Africa’s efforts to help the country diversify and improve the quality of its export operations.

Despite the impact of Covid-19 and ongoing inflation problems, Ghana’s GDP growth is expected to be over 5% in 2021.

Speaking remotely at the launch, Forgione said:

“Today’s celebration is further evidence of Ghana and the UK’s close partnership. Just last month our nations signed a trade cooperation agreement which has secured tariff free trade in a wide range of key products, offering an economic boost of over £1.2 billion.”

The UK exports over £700m to Ghana and imports almost £500m – including cocoa, bananas, oil and fish.

IOE&IT input

Opening the event today (Thursday 15 April), ITC executive director Pamela Coke-Hamilton noted the “great importance of adapting the IOE&IT’s well-recognised Level 4 Diploma in International Trade to an online environment.

“This has allowed us to bring teaching resources from all over the world to Ghana, providing students with the chance to interact with highly-regarded tutors via live webinars and giving them feedback through the IOE&IT’s rigorous grading and accreditation procedures… which are truly world class.”

The new online diploma “goes back to fundamental export skills, including getting products export ready, international marketing, logistics, trade finance and customs formalities, which form the basic building blocks of a country’s ability to trade,” Coke-Hamilton said.

Trade-related training has been “in too-short supply in most developing countries,” she added.