IOE and IT to host free webinar on implications of the draft Border Target Operating Model for traders

Wed 5 Apr 2023
Posted by: William Barns-Graham
IOE News

Map of UK with digital lines representing trade routes

The government has today (5 April) published a draft of its long-awaited plan covering remaining import controls on goods entering Britain from the EU.

Although checks on goods leaving Britain for the continent were bought in immediately following the end of the transition period after EU exit, import controls have been introduced by the UK in stages.

The draft Border Target Operating Model details when and how the UK government will implement the remaining post-Brexit controls. It includes a new digital approach to implementing border checks, which will also be rolled out to imports from the rest of the world.

Government is inviting stakeholders to provide feedback on the proposed model before publishing a final version of it in June. 

Free webinar

The IOE&IT, which has been involved in extensive consultation with the government in the development of the new model, will be running a free webinar to explain the implications of it on Wednesday 12 April 2022.

Detail will be provided on key areas of trade including but not limited to sanitary and phytosanitary controls, transit procedures, trusted trader initiatives, and safety and security declarations

IOE&IT director of strategic partnerships and international development, Kevin Shakespeare, told the IOE&IT Daily Update that businesses need to quickly familiarise themselves with the details of the new plan. He said:

“The publication of the draft Border Target Operating Model is a landmark moment for UK trade with significant implications for businesses.

“I would urge businesses to become fully acquainted with the details of this proposed new framework – including the role of the Single Trade Window and Ecosystem of Trust. The free webinar the IOE&IT is running on Wednesday is a great starting point for this.

“As part of our ongoing work supporting government with the development of the model, we will continue to engage with our members and the wider trader community, to ensure your views and opinions are heard.”

Stay up-to-date

The IOE&IT’s team of trade and customs experts will be reviewing the new model extensively in the coming days. 

The IOE&IT will be publishing articles in the coming weeks updating traders on the key points from the model, as well as hosting further webinars on how traders can prepare for it.

Sign up to the free webinar on Wednesday 12 April, at 2pm, ‘The draft Border Target Operating Model – what it means for your business’, here.