Institute launches new series of 'Trade Marks Training Videos' with Virtuoso Legal

Tue 24 Apr 2018
Posted by: William Barns-Graham
IOE News


The Institute of Export & International Trade has today launched a new series of video learning modules around trade marks (“or trademarks” as they are termed in the USA). We have launched this series in partnership with Virtuoso Legal.

By taking this quick 12 part series, your company will be better able to prepare for the potential legal risks involved in international trade, including infringement defence, registering your trade marks in multiple markets, and franchising and licensing concerns.

You can purchase each video separately or purchase the complete series of 12 videos for £250 +VAT (member price, non-members £310 +VAT), saving £50. The videos are password protected, with the password only shared with you upon the completion of the purchase.

12 modules

The series consists of 12 videos:

Module 1: What is a trade mark?

Module 2: How do trade marks work?

Module 3: Slogans, trade marks and clearance searches

Module 4: International registrations and the Madrid protocol

Module 5: The value of trade marks

Module 6: Passing Off

Module 7: Trade Mark Infringements

Module 8: Trade Mark Infringement Defences

Module 9: Online Infringement, The Modern Problem

Module 10: Commercialisation

Module 11: Franchising and Licensing

Module 12: Ownership Issues

With each module you will receive a hand out covering the main points in the video.

Virtuoso Legal

Virtuoso Legal have long worked with the Institute on legal issues concerning international trade, and have spoken at our summits and on the Open to Export webinar programme. This week we ran a webinar with them on ‘Managing the Legal Risks of Exporting’.

Virtuoso Legal is a boutique firm of intellectual property solicitors. Over the past 10 years they have successfully represented clients in hundreds of intellectual property matters and are some of the finest lawyers out there when it comes to international trade generally.