Institute celebrates the launch of Life Sciences campaign

Mon 26 Mar 2018
Posted by: Sam Pileggi
IOE News

Life Sciences campaign cover

The Institute has been working with Mediaplanet on their Life Sciences campaign, which featured in yesterday's Sunday Telegraph.

Featuring articles on the future of UK life sciences and its status as a global leader from key thought leaders including Dr Liam Fox, Secretary of State for International Trade, and the Institute's Senior Director for Special Projects, Mike Josypenko.

Dr Fox said: "With a combination of top universities, research institutions, global life sciences companies and increasing government support, the UK is a fantastic place for the sector to invest, which is why we are now in the top three life sciences hubs globally.

"Yet, while the sector flourishes, we must do everything possible to ensure the UK remains on top in a fast-changing industry whose success rests on its ability to quickly adapt and change.

"The Department for International Trade is forging ahead with our strategy for promoting British trade across the globe. Life science businesses are playing a key part, with exports of more than £30 billion a year also attracting significant investment."

Mike Josypenko investigates the regulatory challenges facing the life sciences sector when selling overseas and looks at how exporters can overcome these barriers.

"The sector is highly regulated and the extent and variation in regulatory and documentary requirements for different export markets can be a major barrier and compliance cost for exporters.

"[However] despite all of the challenges they face, the UK’s life sciences sector remains one of the UK’s success stories, establishing a significant reputation globally."

Take a look at the full campaign by downloading a pdf here or view it online.