ICC UK calls for businesses to make their voices heard on Trade Bill

Mon 29 Jan 2018
Posted by: IOE&IT News
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ICC UK logoChris Southworth, Director General of International Chamber of Commerce UK, has called on UK businesses to make their voices heard on the Trade Bill, as the deadline approaches for providing written evidence, later this week.

Chris says: "We very much support the government message to promote a free trade model that works for everyone but did you know the government is proposing to rollover terms on 36 trade agreements with 88 countries and 9 trade blocs with no structured consultation, with the devolved administrations, regions, business, unions, NGOs or civil society organisations! 

"Believe it or not, this is what is happening with the Trade Bill despite all of us disagreeing. This is an important issue – help us! 

"We think the government needs to walk the talk and make a commitment to establish a new, more inclusive model of engagement and consultation, so every stakeholder has a voice in how we do trade. 

"Not later, but now. I would welcome your support."


Listen to Chris commenting on the Bill in Parliament last week here 

[The video includes 2 sessions. Chris is in the 2nd session at 10:28] 


Read the debate at the 2nd Reading here

Guidance on submitting written evidence can be found here


Make your voice heard

Email scrutiny@parliament.uk before 1.00pm on Thursday 1st February.