Video: Veolia Nuclear Solutions UK with Mark Sharpe at the London World Trade Summit 2019

Fri 15 Nov 2019
Posted by: Ana Pintor

We spoke to Mark Sharpe from Veolia Nuclear Solutions UK at the London World Trade Summit 2019. Mark talks about Veolia’s endeavours in exportation, integration in Japan for nuclear decommissioning with robotics and how their efforts have accounted for 2 Queens’ awards.  

You can read our report of the London World Trade Summit here


Transcript of interview

“Hello there, good afternoon, I'm Mark Sharpe I'm from Veolia Nuclear Solutions UK. We are exporting at the moment mainly to France and Japan, our key market is Japan where we export robotics into nuclear de-commissioning.

We are helping in the efforts to decommission Fukuhima, where we are building robotic devices to enter and do the investigation work and categorisation work.

We won the Queen's award for international trade, this has been a great honour. It's the 2nd time we've won it, we've won it for the growth into Japan and we have used it as a vehicle to promote ourselves both internally and externally.

We have a huge event tomorrow for the business where we're celebrating with the award being presented to us formally. In terms of why go internationally? It's more exciting, you meet more people, we have a very unique service and actually finding those opportunities is difficult.

It's been an honour building relationships with people in Japan, we have now some trusted friends & colleagues out there and life is exciting that's the key bit!”


You can read our report of the London World Trade Summit here