Updates to the EU export control regime – webinar recording and slides

Wed 26 May 2021
Posted by: William Barns-Graham

The new EU dual-use regulation is due to come into force this summer, bringing in new EU autonomous controls, new and updated control parameters and other important clarifications.

Businesses trading or participating in supply chains involving dual-use goods in the EU will need to understand what these new rules mean to ensure future trade is compliant.

This one-hour webinar today (26 May) covered:

  • The changes made to the dual-use legislation
  • How the UK has reacted to the new rules
  • How the regulation will impact business dealings in Northern Ireland

Spencer Chilvers, the head of export control policy at Rolls Royce, covered how the new EU dual-use regulation came into being and how it will affect companies trading with the EU. The new rules will come into effect later this summer. The recording is recommended watching for this reason.

You can watch the recording below and download the slides here.