The Week Ahead in International Trade: 4 September

Mon 4 Sept 2023
Posted by: Phillip Adnett

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Welcome to the new Week Ahead feature.

To help you navigate a busy world of international trade, the IOE&IT Daily Update has launched a fresh series that will prepare you for the next seven days of international trade.

This week, it’s all about that ‘back to school’ vibe. here’s what we’re keeping an eye on…

Services: The IOE&IT is launching a new report on trade in service exports at a Parliamentary reception tonight.  The report, called ‘Global horizons: realising the services export potential of UK nations and regions’, is all about how we can get more businesses outside London and the South-East exporting their services to the world.

MPs return : Speaking of Parliament, the politicians are back. Things aren’t quite at full speed in the Westminster village, but we’ve got a few morsels of information this week:

  • On 6 September, we have Parliamentary Questions on Northern Ireland, where we might hear more about the Windsor Framework
  • On 7 September, the minister for the cabinet office will be quizzed more about the Border Target Operating Model

Labouring on: As the dust settles from today’s shadow cabinet reshuffle, it’s rumoured that the Labour National Policy Forum Document will drop in the next week or so. Keep your eyes peeled for any big trade changes from Keir Starmer.

G20: This week, the G20 kicks off in New Delhi. Chinese premier Xi Jinping is not expected to attend and we’re not anticipating any big news on the UK-India trade deal. Still, the environment is expected to be a major focus and a new member could join the group as Nigeria’s president Bola Tinubu attends in anticipation of a possible bid. 

Shakespeare’s sonnet: Strategic director Kevin Shakespeare will be headlining the graduation ceremony of the South Eastern Regional Colleges on Friday.

Dates for you: Executive editor William Barns-Graham will be hosting a webinar on the new Electronic Trade Documents Act this Thursday, featuring Kevin Shakespeare and other experts. Tune in to hear about the future of international trade.

Other dates for the diary:

  • Monday: Putin and Erdogan expected to meet in Sochi to discuss politics and a possible deal on grain shipments.
  • Tuesday: Figures from the UK services PMI and the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders should give us an idea of how the economy is looking. Also, happy International Day of Charity.
  • Wednesday: Bank of England governor Andrew Bailey is giving evidence to Parliament on interest rates.
  • Thursday: The ten-year anniversary from China’s Belt and Road Initiative.
  • Friday: One year since Her Majesty Elizabeth II died.
  • Saturday: G20 formally kicks off, with prime minister Rishi Sunak in attendance.
  • Sunday: The Trades Union Congress opens its annual conference (also called Congress, confusingly).