New app from Tate's Export Guide publishers cuts complexity and lets you Just Trade

Thu 21 Jun 2018
Posted by: William Barns-Graham

Just Trade

Article by: Tate's Export Guide (corporate members)

Just Trade, a new app from the publishers of Tate’s Export Guide, provides a single cloud-based international trade platform to digitise international trade documentation.

It consolidates the multitude of process, information sources and computer systems into one device, streamlining the work of exporters as they prepare customs documents. This fine-tuning of business processes means exporters can complete their paperwork in a fraction of the time.

Helping trade managers to stay in control

By integrating the sources of information it cuts the time-consuming chore of toggling between multiple business applications and sources of information and replaces it with a much quicker, more streamlined process. It also provides templates for the creation of any export document for any process. Busy international trade managers can stay in control of documentation and procedures no matter the workload.

Just Trade give you the right information on the right document, in a fraction of the time and with much more accuracy.

The app empowers exporters to create SITPRO/UN aligned forms from any device – PC, tablet and smartphone – without the need for complicated setup and installation. The system is linked to content in Tate’s Export Guide so exporters can find information easily and navigate the thicket of customs clearance requirements.

Growing demand for clarity over trade regulations

The app is a response to a growing demand for clarity over trade regulations. Honest mistakes are no defence to customs regulators and the punishments are severe.

Failing to provide the right documents when goods are in transit can be fatally expensive. At best, there will be additional costs of anything up to £1000. Worse, goods can be held up in a port until the correct customs clearance has been achieved. At the very worst, companies can face prosecution.

One British exporter of military goods was fined £100,000 for customs irregularities after HMRC judged that the trader had unwittingly failed to produce the correct documentation.

Saving time and money for traders

“We aim to save traders time and money and make them first to market in an increasingly competitive global trade environment,” says Just Trade’s publisher, Nicholas Tate, MD of Tate Freight Forms.

he app is designed to collate and present information in a simple, coherent form. There will be no more struggling with incompatible Word or Excel documents as Just Trade can instantly provide a simple way for presenting export details and form completion. It can also be integrated into your ERP system to avoid double-entry.

There are three major problems facing traders as they prepare their shipments for import or export. These can be summarised under the headings of information, presentation and regulation.

Just Trade aims to help traders get the right information on trading conditions specific to their shipments. It will present the client’s information in the right format demanded by customs and will help companies keep abreast of ever changing regulations. ‘Britain’s exit from the EU threatens to disrupt our trading conditions considerably,’ says Nicholas Tate, publisher of Just Trade, ‘the problem is that nobody actually knows how yet.’

Just Trade provides a simple interface to help traders create any international trade form they need and to complete it correctly. The app has been developed to solve one of the biggest problems faced by modern traders - the increasingly complexity of customs regulations.

With Brexit threatening to make customs regulations many times more complex, many traders could suffer over regulation inflation. Just Trade aims to put you back in control of events. The app is accessible from and is available in four packages from the Free Doc version up to the Expert version for £100 per month.