IOE and IT partners with Indian institute to boost trade between India and UK

Fri 22 Jul 2022

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The Institute of Export & International Trade (IOE&IT) and Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT) have partnered to deliver a bespoke training programme to teach businesses how to successfully trade between India, UK and the EU.

The primary objective of this new training programme is to connect businesses and provide in-depth knowledge and understanding related to doing business in and between the Indian, UK and EU markets.

Senior executive programme

Marco Forgione, director general of the IOE&IT, said: “Our partnership with IIFT is focused initially on a senior executive training programme and is very much just the start of what we hope will be a fruitful relationship.

Indian and UK demand

“There's a great eagerness within India for businesses to understand how they can trade more effectively both with the UK and the EU and that's information, support and guidance that we're providing. There's also a huge demand from UK businesses to understand how they can trade more effectively with India.”

Supporting India

He continued: “Export, import and international trade more generally, is going to be fundamental – not just to transforming the UK economy, but also supporting India as it develops and grows its presence globally. There is a huge wealth of opportunity to bring together and unite businesses in India and the UK.”

Whether your business is considering trade between India and UK or EU markets as an option for growth or if it is already established in this area, this course will upskill attendees in managing the intricacies of this trade and help develop an in-depth understanding of how to maximise opportunities.

The programme

Doing business in India, UK and the EU: programme will focus on:

  • building knowledge around the key aspects of export/import management between the two nations
  • market and buyer identification post-Brexit and a future India-UK free trade agreement
  • the changing stringency of import regulations
  • new developments in trade policy
  • the changing domestic regulatory framework

September start

The essentials of doing business in these markets will be covered in detail during the course which starts in September, with legal frameworks, regulatory concerns, barriers to trade, customs and finance-related aspects all being areas explored.

The course remit includes creating a network between Indian and UK businesses with much of the learning focused on the potential for a UK-India free trade agreement.

Virtual classroom

The course will be delivered via a virtual classroom on Saturdays and Sundays, running for four weeks from 3-24 September. To find out more and to register to take this course, please click here