IOE and IT chief writes: 'Why your business should access its share of £1.1 million of export funding'

Fri 18 Mar 2022
Posted by: Noelle McElhatton

The director general of the Institute of Export & International Trade, Marco Forgione (pictured above), explains why your business should be trading internationally and how the trade body’s International Trade Accelerator Voucher scheme can kickstart your export strategy

As a country we have always been a trading nation and for the first time in two generations, we find ourselves in the position of being in charge of our trading future with the rest of the world.

Since the UK left the European Union, the government has done a good job in securing trade deals across the world which have given British businesses a platform on which to build. In last year’s export strategy, it set the ambitious target of hitting £1 trillion in exports in the next decade.

It is part of our role, as the UK’s leading membership body for professionals and organisations involved in international trade, to help achieve that.

As director general of the UK’s leading provider of international trade advice, education and training, I am so pleased to launch the International Trade Accelerator Voucher scheme this week as a comprehensive programme to help businesses large and small across the UK access our world-class training, consultancy and educational services.

‘No strings’

We have made £1.1 million in funding available for businesses – with no strings attached. Each voucher is worth £1100 and can be redeemed against the wide range of services that the Institute of Export & International Trade (IOE&IT) offers.

With £1,100 you can buy a suite of tools and services. This isn’t about a business getting a voucher and then in the small print discovering that it has to spend thousands in order to use it. There is no requirement that you must spend any money with us – or even be a member.

We want to pass on our knowledge and skills to help demystify how to trade internationally.

It is clear that some companies are discouraged from exporting because they are not familiar with how to do it. Businesses sometimes view international trade as more complicated, more challenging and difficult than it really is. We are here to make it simple.

Why we launched the voucher

We have seen a decline in the number of companies exporting in the past 12 months as highlighted by the latest edition of our UK Export Monitor, which is why the launch of this scheme is so important right now.

Solutions now

A multitude of factors are behind this decline: Covid 19, supply chain issues or more recently the conflict in Ukraine and Russian sanctions. We are not here to wait for the dust to settle and find out the exact reason of what is discouraging businesses from exporting: we are here to provide solutions now.

But hurry…

We are inviting all UK businesses to contact us and apply for the International Trade Accelerator Voucher and start your journey to trading internationally today. Since its launch on 14 March, more than £500,000 has already been claimed, so businesses should act fast and register their interest.

Knowledge is power

The power of international trade is undeniable. It has been proven that exporting businesses are more innovative, more profitable and more resilient to changes in the market. We believe in a global Britain, one that exports to the world, one that provides world class goods and services to other nations, one that takes control of its own trading future and forges long lasting partnerships.

It is not a question of ‘why should my business trade internationally’. Instead, the question should be: ‘how can I trade more effectively internationally?’

That’s where the IOE&IT comes in – here to offer the support and guidance that is needed. We are here to empower businesses and give them the confidence to explore new markets and to trade confidently and compliantly with the rest of the world.

Marco Forgione, director general, IOE&IT


Notes for applicants

  • Applications for a voucher can be completed online at the IOE&IT’s website
  • Upon acceptance, applicants will have their voucher details emailed to them within 24 hours
  • The voucher can be used immediately and will be valid for 365 days to be used against any of the world class training, consultancy or education services that the IOE&IT offers