The withdrawal of the UK from the EU has seen a significant change in how the UK is now trading with the EU and the world. Many customs processes and regulations have changed and the requirements for product conformity and controls are more onerous. It is important that businesses familiarise themselves with the trading environment and be aware of the processes that can help reduce potential hurdles and open up new opportunities.

This is a day course which is provides a broad insight into all aspects of trading with the UK. It highlights the key changes and provides insights into how to handle new processes and minimise the challenges that may be presented by changes. The key components of the new environment are  covered: UK-EU Trade Cooperation agreement, Border target operating model, the import process and all its key components including international trade documentation. The course also features product regulatory compliance, E-commerce and a look at potential future changes. 

The aim is to provide a broad understanding of all the key elements of trading with the UK, it provides the perfect platform for organisation to get a full understanding of the new and evolving trading environment.

Aimed at

This course would typically be aimed at individuals and professionals who are trading or looking to trade with the UK or want to familiarise themselves with the new import processes following the UK’s departure from the EU. There is no expectation of prior knowledge of the subjects covered but it will also allow people with experience how the trading environment has changed.

The target audience for this course may include:

  1. Administrators involved in trade with the UK , whether as an exporter or importer to the market: Professionals who facilitate the import and/or export of goods on behalf of individuals and companies, looking for an understanding of all the changes and the measures to be taken to minimise/optimise the challenges created.

  2. Shipping and logistics Agents : Individuals responsible for overseeing and/or assisting within an organisation with the import/export process for trade with the UK.

  3. Purchasing/Sales staff: Those involved in the movement of goods across the UK border and ensuring compliance with customs requirements and a broad awareness of the process plus a knowledge a product compliance and E-commerce.

  4. Distribution Specialists: Professionals engaged in trade activities with the UK, dealing with import/export processes, regulations and customs procedures.

  5. Employees within a company who are new to or reviewing their trading with the UK.

  6. Individuals seeking to start a career in International Trade

Learning objectives

  • Understanding the FTA and BTOM
  • Acquire a knowledge of commodity codes, trade terms and country of origin rules
  • Understand the awareness of an importer/exporter’s responsibilities and the documents/procedures involved
  • Understand the process for product regulatory compliance and E-commerce
  • Formulate a basic action plan to develop your pathway to smooth trading with the UK

Learning outcomes

The learning outcomes of this course are designed to equip participants with a broad knowledge and skills to effectively navigate the process involved for trading with the UK. Upon completing the course, participants should expect to fully understand the requirements and be able to ensure their organisation can meet the requirements of the process and maximise the possible efficiencies:

  • Understand the process and the responsibilities attached to trading with the UK
  • Be able to ensure a product can be classified and is compliant with the relevant  regulations. Understand the future developments planned for the UK border  process.
  • Be able to advance their individual/ organisations awareness of handling the requirements for trading with the UK.

Key information

  • This course costs £299 + VAT for IOE&IT members £399 + VAT for non-members
  • It will be delivered by one of the IOE&IT’s pool of expert trainers
  • On completion of your course, you will earn a digital certificate
  • Timings: 10:00 – 16:00

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