This course is designed to equip learners with the tools and information they need to complete customs declarations in CDS accurately, efficiently and with the ability to troubleshoot basic problems.

We will take you through the context of why CDS came to be, how the different operating models of the UK’s ports affect the clearance process, what documents and pre-requisites are needed to begin the process of submitting an entry, and finally, we will demonstrate the completion of an import declaration live in our client software*, taking all of the steps we have covered, and showcasing their ‘real life’ application. 

This training is suited to both imports and exports, but will focus more on imports due to their greater complexity, particularly around valuation.

Learners will gain an understanding of how a customs declaration software can be laid out, and how to identify solutions to common CDS error codes. 

*Note that the course will demonstrate the use of Descartes’ e-Customs platform, but the training can be applied to any platforms. 

Aimed at

This course is aimed at individuals and businesses that wish to upskill on the process of completing customs declarations in CDS, either in-house themselves, or by instructing intermediaries. 

Prior knowledge of importing and exporting processes will benefit the learner, but are not essential, as the course is designed to give a working practical knowledge of customs clearance processes, that  can be applied in isolation, or as part of an individual's wider learning programme/experience. 

The target audience for this course may include:

  1. Customs agents and freight forwarders: Individuals responsible for completing, or overseeing the completion of, customs declarations and related activities
  2. Traders: those businesses involved in moving goods across borders.
  3. Export and import administrators: Professionals who facilitate the import and export of goods on behalf of individuals and companies, ensuring compliance with customs regulations.
  4. Export and import sales administrators: Those involved in managing the movement of goods across international borders and ensuring compliance with customs requirements.
  5. Distribution specialists: Professionals engaged in international trade activities, dealing with import and export regulations and customs procedures.
  6. Import/Export compliance officers: Individuals responsible for ensuring compliance with customs laws and regulations related to international trade.
  7. Trade and compliance officers: Professionals responsible for maintaining overall regulatory compliance within an organisation, including customs compliance

Learning outcomes

  • Understand why customs declarations are required, and why CDS was implemented
  • Understand the steps required to begin lodging customs declarations
  • Learn how to extract key information from commercial documents
  • Learn how to refer to guidance to assist in completing declarations
  • Follow a step-by-step example of completing an import declaration in CDS

Key information

  • This course costs £499 + VAT for IOE&IT members £599 + VAT for non-members
  • It will be delivered by one of the IOE&IT’s CDS experts
  • This course contributes 10 points in the IOE&IT CPD programme
  • On completion of your course, you will earn a digital certificate
  • Timings: 09:45 – 16:00

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